NICU Day 17: Reunited and it Feels So Good!

This post is written about June 23, 2013: We got a twin room! We got a twin room! We got a twin room!!!!!! For the first time since they were wombmates, our girls live together! We thought we’d be in separate rooms until they were discharged because the twin rooms are never available. However, we … Continue reading

NICU Day 15: This Sucks

It’s 2:47 AM. I’m sitting in the dark watching a nurse bottle-feed my baby milk I pumped for her. She doesn’t know I am watching. We are on the futon behind a “privacy” curtain. It doesn’t really block that much. I’m sitting in the dark acting unaware for Hubby’s sake because he is actually getting … Continue reading

NICU Day 14: Stuff to Remember

Somehow, the dates in my notes have gotten mixed up, and I somehow skipped June 19th. I can’t figure it out no matter how many calendars I look at, but I know this was day 14. Chalk it up to another NICU-haze moment. So, I’m just going to go with the date that’s written down. … Continue reading

NICU Day 13: Revolving Nurses

This post is written about June 18, 2013: I’m growing very impatient with the game of Musical Nurses we are forced to play every twelve hours. They change between night and day shifts at 7 AM and 7 PM. This much I understand, of course; they have to go home at some point. What’s driving me … Continue reading

NICU Day 12: One Day Up, One Day Down

This post is written about June 17, 2013: “One day up, one day down” is a notorious saying in the NICU. It is have dual-intentions. It is to prepare you that just because things seem OK now, something will likely go wrong. It also gives you hope that it can go back up. I’m feeling … Continue reading

NICU Day 11: The Brady Bunch

Written about June 16, 2013:  Other than their oxygen needs the first few days, the girls really haven’t had any major problems. The more we witness and talk to other parents around here, the luckier we have felt. The girls have mostly been “feed and grow” patients. We are just waiting for them to get … Continue reading

NICU Day 9: Moo Moo Kangaroo

Written about Friday, June 14, 2013: Let me tell you about life as a NICU mom. I am an animal. Basically, my day goes something like this: pump, pump, pump, kangaroo, pump, pump, pump, kangaroo, pump, pump. I have been reduced to these two functions: squeeze some milk out of utters and skin-to-skin time with … Continue reading